Sundari Day Spa -

Services With a Registered Massage Therapist
$55/30 min
$65/45 min
$80/60 min
$95/75 min
$110/90 min

Hot Stone Massage With a Registered Massage Therapist
$100/60 min

Relaxation Massage (not with an RMT)
$30/30 mins
$60/60 mins 
$90/90 mins
$120/120 min

Hot Stone Massage:
$110/90 min

Jade Stone Massage:
$80/60 min
$110/90 min

Fire Cupping Massage:
$80/ 60 min
$110/ 90 min

Hot Bamboo/Rattan Massage:
$80 / 60 min
$110/ 90 min
Aromatherapy Massage 
Includes health consultation and personalized aromatherapy blend to take home
$80/60 mins
$100/90 mins

ayurvedic exfoliation and soothing herbal oil treatment.

This treatment begins with dry skin brushing using raw silk gloves, followed by an individualized soothing & calming herbal oil massage.
The brushing (garshana), prepares the skin so the herbal oil application can penetrate deeply and effectively.
  • overcomes fatigue
  • eases stress on the nervous system
  • nourishes the body

ayurvedic exfoliation and invigorating oil massage
This treatment begins with dry skin brushing, followed by an invigorating massage with an herbal oil blend customized to your needs.
Vishesh is the deep tissue version of Ayurvedic massage, and it is an excellent choice for those who are feeling sluggish and in need of rejuvenation, or for those who have tired, achy muscles due to over-zealous exertion

60 minutes-$60
90 minutes-$90

Lavender & Neroli Facial $70/60 mins
ideal for normal to oily skin
Rose Facial $70/60 mins
ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin
Sandalwood Facial $70/60 mins
ideal for men
After Sun Aloe & Chamomile Facial $70/60 mins
Ideal for sun damaged skin

The Ultimate Facial $100/90
One of our aromatherapy facials with extractions and facial waxing

Facial/Massage Combo
 $100/90 mins
 $125/120 min
Our favourite service-the best of both worlds-choose from any of the above facials

Eyebrow or Underarm  or neck $15
Upper Lip, or Chin  $10
Combination Wax Lip/Eyebrows/Chin $30
Bikini Wax $30
Half Leg Wax $35
Full Leg Wax $50
Arm Wax $40

Half Arm Wax $25

Back or Chest Wax $45


Natural Manicure $30
without nail polish

Manicure with clear biosculpture gel $40

Manicure with Polish $40
includes nail polish

Manicure with Biosculpture gel colour $50

French Manicure $50
on natural nails

French manicure with Biosculpture gel $60

Biosculpture gel removal $5


Natural Pedicure $40/60mins
does not include polish
Sundari Signature Pedicure $50/90mins
includes nail polish

To have your pedicure lying down add $10

Polish Change $15
Add a paraffin hands or feet $10

Body Treatments:
Moisturizing Coco Loco Body Wrap
Includes body scrub, moisturizing wrap, scalp and facial massage, shower and massage
with 30 min massage $90
with 60 min massage $110

Detoxifying Seaweed Mud Wrap
Includes body scrub, detoxifying mud wrap, scalp and facial massage, shower and massage
with 30 min massage $90
with 60 min massage $110

Hair Treatments:

Coconut/Rosemary Intensive Hair Moisturizing Treatment $50
deep conditioner for hair, includes a 30 min back massage and shower

Beauty Package - $130.00
Signature Manicure,  Signature Pedicure, and 60 minute Facial
Afternoon at The Spa Package - $160.00
60 min Relaxation Massage, 60 minute Facial and Sundari Signature Pedicure

Just for Men Package - $150.00
A restorative and relaxing healthy foot treatment for men, a 60 minute relaxation massage, and a Sandalwood Facial 

The Day at the Spa Package - $190.00
This package has it all!  60 min Facial, 60 min relaxation massage, signature manicure and signature pedicure

The Works- $200.00
A Body scrub and mask, followed by a shower, a 90 min facial massage combo, and a signature pedicure.
Call us to customise your individual Service or group Day at the Spa!
Snacks or light Lunch will be offered with all our Packages.  

Please NOTE:   All individual or group bookings for services valued at or over $100 require a 25% deposit. Sundari Day Spa reserves the right to withhold deposit for appointments broken or cancelled without 24 hours notice.
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